6 things that used to suck about renting in Toronto

Now, there will always be a few things that suck about renting a home/apartment/condo in Toronto, namely the absurd rents. Unfortunately, here at TorontoRentals we can’t change that, but we can change some things that once sucked – and we did!

And so, behold the list of six things that used to suck about renting in Toronto (and today, suck no longer).

1. Having to scour over a half-dozen rental listings sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, Walkscore and ViewIt. Thankfully, TorontoRentals pulls feeds from a huge number of sources to give you the best resource for searching rentals available in Toronto, all in one place.

2. Outdated listings. You think you’ve found your dream home, but you take a second glance at the listing and discover it’s expired. Say no to renter heartbreak – TorontoRentals updates its listings constantly so you won’t have to fear the dreaded Expired Listing.

3. Missing information. Once again, you’ve found your dream rental, but you pick up your iPhone to call the landlord and – what! No phone number! TorontoRentals made it easier for landlords and property managers to post and manage listings, including an online profile that stores their contact information, meaning less chance of missing information on listings.

4. Inaccurate maps. Don’t you hate it when you’re on map view and you see a listing appear in your favourite Toronto neighbourhood, right within your price range, but upon further inspection it’s actually located in the depths of Scarborough? TorontoRentals is better than that.

5. Limited filter options that make your apartment search an absolute chore. If you’ve got your heart set on paying less than $2,000 a month but your rental site doesn’t let you filter listings by price, you’re wasting a ton of time wading through listings that don’t apply. At TorontoRentals, we feel your pain, so we’ve included more filters to make your search easier.

6. Not knowing what you’re getting into. A picture might say a thousand words, but it doesn’t always say if the unit you’re looking at is in a high-rise, a low-rise a house or something else. Knowing what you’re getting into is pretty important, so that’s why even before the relaunch of TorontoRentals, we’ve included, when possible, information about the building the listing is located in, so you’ll be better informed.

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