Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A $60 sleek midcentury coffee table

Small Toronto apartments call for furniture that’s sleek, compact, functional and stylish. Midcentury furniture fits the bill, but for most of us, not the budget.

Thanks to the awesomeness of the midcentury style, it’s now in high demand and comes with high price tags. So we want you to get the look without the insane cost with this super easy and crazy cheap Ikea hack.

Depending on the legs you find, this project should cost a grand total of 60 bucks, but will look like it’s worth hundreds.

The Parts You’ll Need

  • Midcentury-style table legs, try eBay – prices vary
white mug with coffee on wooden table with word 'begin'

This mug says to BEGIN your DIY.

Do it.

  • The first step is to get those table legs set up to transform the very boring Lack table into a 1950s piece of art.A lot of the midcentury table legs available for sale on eBay are straight, rather than slanted. If you dig the straight-down look, then you’re set.

    If the angled-out legs melt your heart a little more, head to your local hardware store and ask them to angle the legs off for you.

    You’ll first have to remove the screws, and once the legs are cut, put the screws back in.

  • Now, before installing the legs, apply any finish you desire to the legs.That might require some sanding and staining or painting. Either way, you’ll definitely want to do that before attaching them to the table top.
  • Your last step is to screw the midcentury legs into the base of the Lack table top. And voila! Mission accomplished.
blue mug on coaster with coffee beside black smartphone

Picture perfect.

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Source: Triple Max Tons

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