Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Get more kitchen storage with this stupidly simple hack

Kitchen storage is a daily struggle we apartment dwellers all face. One of the many big items that never seems to fit anywhere properly is the cutting board: often, it just ends up standing against the backsplash on your countertop until it’s needed again.

Enter your Ikea hack for the week, and it’s such a crazy simple one you’ll want to slap yourself for not thinking of it.

OK, here we go!

1. The parts. You’ll need…

2. Do it.

  • Remove the bottom part of just one of the spice racks. Measure out four points on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door where your cutting board rack can hang. These points should align with the side pieces of the bottom of the cutting board rack, plus another that’s about at the midway point of the height of your cutting board.
  • Drill screws into the four points so they stick out slightly, by about 1/4″. Next, mark four points on the two spice racks to exactly coincide with the screws and so the two parts will sit straight. You’ll need one hole in each side of the two spice racks. Using the drill, screw holes into the back of the spice rack sides, then mount it onto the inside of the door. Put in your cutting boards and you’re done!
  • You could also paint the spice racks before installing to make it look better.


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