Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Gold gilded industrial bar stools

It’s amazing, but for some reason bar stools can be ridiculously expensive. You know those wooden ones with the saddle-shaped seat that don’t look like anything special, but sell for $250?

That’s the beauty of the Ikea hack – making your Toronto apartment look like a million bucks, even though you’re on a budget. Today we help you make not the saddle-shaped stools, but these spectacular, industrial-style stools that are reminiscent of an old school camera tripod. But with gold.

The parts. You’ll need

golden industrial bar chair stools

Marvel at these beauties.

Do it.

    • Anytime you’re spray painting, you’ll want to find some appropriate outdoor space to do it, or at least a ventilated room. Don a painter’s mask to save your lungs from the fumes, and wherever you’re spraying, make sure to hang sheets, newspaper or plastic around your workspace to protect everything else from being mistakenly painted.
    • For this project, perfection comes from paying attention to the details. First, spray paint the visible hardware on the stools, such as the screws in the legs. That simple bit of detail will make a big difference! Next, detach the seat from the stool and spray paint the entire thing gold. When it’s dry, coat it in sealant so the paint won’t wear out so easily with use.
    • Finally, mark out an area on the base of each leg to paint gold. Measure both the inside and the outside of the leg so each leg looks exactly the same. Wrap the rest of each leg, and preferably the whole stool, in plastic to protect it, then use painter’s tape to make a clean stop line for the gold part.
    • For all the gold sections, you’ll likely need a few coats to ensure the black is covered completely with gold.
    • Once it’s dry, reattach the seat and the hardware, then sit on your funky stools with a G & T to celebrate your DIY skills.

Source: Krys Melo

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