Awesome Life Hack of the Week: 13 hacks to make your tiny Toronto apartment seem big and organized

Toronto apartment living can be tough. For one thing, you’re confined to a pretty tight space most of the time (thanks a lot, insane Toronto rental economy…) and landlord rules restrict how much painting and remodelling is allowed. Still, we renters have the right to a home that feels big and livable, and to help with that, we’ve created this list of 13 useful hacks to keep small apartments organized and decorated to seem larger.

  1. Install a floating desk – it takes up less floor space than a traditional desk.
  2. Or, install a desk in your closet. Here’s how.
  3. Get (or make) an ottoman/chest for your living room that doubles as storage.
  4. Instead of buying a bedframe, score pallets and stack them as a DIY bed frame. Use the space in the pallets as storage.
  5. Skip the side table in your living room, opt for a sofa “arm table“.
  6. Stick some velcro to your coffee table or side table to organize TV remotes.
  7. Store light stuff like rolls of wrapping paper in the ceiling of closets using wire or tension rods.
  8. Shower curtain rings are perfect for hanging several baseball caps, scarves and tank tops from one hanger.
  9. Install a magazine holder on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door to store your hair dryer, flat iron and other appliances.
  10. Wine racks aren’t just for wine. Mount them to the wall to organize clutches or store rolled towels.
  11. Decorate with light colours – light colours make spaces seem bigger.
  12. Invest in good lighting, for the same reason as #11.
  13. De-clutter. Stuff has a way of making even the biggest space feel small. Keep it sleek.

Here’s some more tips for your apartment:


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