Flavours of Toronto: 7 of Toronto’s best Jewish Delis

Sometimes you just crave a big pile of corned beef stacked on rye. And when the craving hits, there’s no better place to go than a Jewish deli. Smoked meat, corned beef, matzah ball soup and cabbage rolls are all done to perfection in cozy, casual settings that are perfect for lunch with co-workers, friends and maybe even the inlaws.

Prepare for your meat coma at ___ of the best Jewish delis in Toronto.


If not the best, then at least the most popular Jewish deli in Toronto is Caplansky’s on College. Stick to the basics for a good sandwich, smoked meat with pickles and fries.

caplansky smoked meat sandwich on rye

Why mess with perfection?

Corned Beef House

So it’s not technically a Jewish deli, but the Corned Beef House right in the Entertainment District does make a mean sandwich on super fresh bread. Pair it with onion rings.


The super retro interior makes a cool backdrop for a damn fine sandwich at this almost 60-year-old deli in North York. Go for the pastrami or corned beef and you won’t be disappointed.


The simple and casual spot of Sheppard near Bathurst has stayed true to the area’s Jewish roots and has kept up the tradition of truly great Jewish food. They’ve been stacking amazing meat on rye for over 40 years.

Wolfie's smoked meat sandwich

The greatest tradition of all time.


Yitz’s on Eglinton at Avenue makes great corned beef, delicious burgers and really nice baking, all for pretty decent prices. Weird fact: They have a humedor with a big selection of cigars.


Kosher but not exactly Jewish, Jacobs in North York does the sandwich trade a bit differently, but very well. Try the baguette with steak or the burgers, all of which have locally sourced ingredients.

smoked meat burger from Jacob's deli

Definitely not kosher. Definitely delicious.

Centre Street Deli

Great food and good service make Centre Street Deli a hugely popular lunch and even breakfast spot in Thornhill. They’ve nailed smoked meat on rye down to a science.


In business in North York since 1970, Katz’s specializes in old-school food like hot dogs, salami, peppers and pickles, all made in-house. Plus their smoked meat, roast beef and corned beef are wonderful.

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