Rent a luxury condo in the apartment where Drake lived

You may not be able to call him on his cell phone, but you can indeed have a brush with the hottest celeb of the moment, Drake, by renting a palatial condo in the Toronto apartment where he lived during his rise to super stardom.

Drake “left the city” in 2013 when he sold is incredible 3,600 sq. ft., 22nd floor Yorkville condo or $3.75 million. It had been listed at $4.2 million, or $3.89 million, depending on the source. It has a private elevator and a 500 sq. ft. heated outdoor terrace.

Before deciding to move in to your grand rental and walk in the footsteps of Drake, you can take a video tour of his incredible property, courtesy of the Globe and Mail. Then, when you move in, your first move should definitely be doing a Hotline Bling impression as you pretend that Drake’s still your neighbour.

The apartment is at One St. Thomas Street in Yorkville and at the time this blog is posted, there are three properties available for rent in the building, plus two for sale. No word on if any of them are Drake’s old pad.

When Drake lived there, his apartment was furnished eclectically, to say the least. With a modern kitchen lined with clean, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, plus bulky, rustic leather oversized couches in the living room with a Canada-shaped wall-hung shelf, and a Victorian-era sitting chair in the hallway, Drake clearly didn’t stick to a consistent style for his former Toronto home.

The average price per square foot at One St. Thomas Street Residences for buying a condo there is a cool $1,144, according to, and condos there are about 75% pricier than nearby apartments. It’s also said to be the fourth most expensive condo in downtown Toronto. The building has 29 storeys, meaning Drake’s pad wasn’t even the penthouse, which measures over 8,000 sq. ft.

Drake has a home in Hidden Hills, California which is seriously called the YOLO Estate. There are also rumours he’s building a mansion in Toronto, which is likely near completion. If this Kanye To The article is correct, it looks like it may be in the Bridle Path.

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