This is why futons are a Toronto renter’s dream come true

It’s important to have a sense of style and character when you decorate your place, but you should keep comfort in mind as well. There’s virtually nothing better than a huge leather couch or a nice cozy loveseat, but what if your apartment really can’t handle something so big? What if your wallet really can’t afford that sectional that would dominate the room? It’s time to think of something smaller, just as comfortable, and much more convenient: a futon.

Without further ado, here’s why futons are basically the best thing to ever happen to renters in Toronto:

They make a fantastic extra bed

Unlike bulky hide-away couches or storing cots or air mattresses, your futon is a natural part of your living room and doesn’t take up much additional space when it’s in the bed position. Not only that, they make a really convenient double bed in seconds that you can use yourself if you feel like taking a nap mid-day, or if you just feel like lying down to watch your favourite show. Sofa beds are similar, but you can’t beat the ease of a futon. You also don’t have to worry about cushions!

They’re really cheap

Since you’re buying, essentially, a frame with a soft mattress on top of it, futon construction is much cheaper than a regular sofa bed or couch. If you’re interested in saving your money while also being comfortable and ready to accommodate guests, getting a futon instead of a couch is easily one of the best decisions you could make.

They’re super comfortable

Don’t let their simple appearance fool you – just because it isn’t an expensive leather couch doesn’t mean that a futon will be any less comfortable, especially if you get one with a great mattress. Unlike sofa beds which have those annoying bars digging into your hips and spine, futons tend to be much more evenly constructed and those problems don’t exist. Add that on to the fact that you are also getting – at least – a double bed sized surface and you’ll be more than ready for any nap you want to take.

They’re easier to transport than couches

If you ever want to move out of your apartment, futons are the best couch to have. They way a remarkable amount less, you can take the mattress off easily and they are much more compact than their couch counterparts. Getting one of these into a moving van is a piece of cake compared to even the most average couch!

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