How to score the Toronto apartment you really want

Toronto renters have some fierce competition when it comes to scoring the best rental apartment. Everyone and their dog wants that bright apartment in a cool neighbourhood, close to transit, and at a killer price.

If you want that sweet space that, for some inconceivable reason, someone else has decided to give up, then be ready to put yourself first and act fast. Here are some tips on how to be ready for the rush:

    1. Be flexible. You won’t find a place if you trap yourself in the endless search for the ‘perfect place.’ Every spot will have pros and cons, so figure out where you are willing to compromise. You might prefer a 1 bedroom, but would be OK renting a studio. Maybe you want to be downtown but will pass that up as long as you are close to a subway station. You need to ask the right questions. Figure these details out so that you can recognize a suitable apartment when you see one.
    2. Treat a viewing like a job interview. When you show up to view it, its key to make a good impression on the landlord and get in their good books. Dress well, be on time, make eye contact, have your questions ready, and be kind. Landlords want the highest quality tenants living in their buildings so this is your chance to show them you are both respectful and reliable. You have to prove this is important to you.
    3. Be prepared. We’re talking about having your first and last month’s deposit ready, your references in order, and some proof of employment. These are all standard requirements when renting in Toronto so get these items crossed off your to-do list before you start looking at apartments.
  1. Make a fast decision. When you find that awesome rental, time is of the essence. Act quickly if you want those apartment keys to end up in your hands. If you’re an indecisive person, this is your chance to get stern.

Remember to check out these tips to add to your arsenal for your apartment hunt.

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