The 5 best Toronto parks to hit up this fall

Don’t look now, but the super bright green trees around Toronto aren’t so green anymore. It’s one of the three unmistakable signs of fall: the first being back-to-school; the second, stores are already full of Halloween stuff; the third, trees are a-changin’.

There’s good and bad about fall, of course. It smells nice everywhere outdoors and the bright coloured leaves are pretty. Plus, you can’t deny it’s fun to kick big piles of orange and gold leaves around on the sidewalk. But, yes, it’s already getting colder here in Toronto, and we’re all gearing up for (ugh) another long winter.

Don’t forget to stay warm, and consider waterproofing your shoes.

Anyway, in order to enjoy the season for what it’s worth, we’ve compiled our list of the top best Toronto parks to hit up this fall, and the reason to check them out this season. Grab your camera, because the next couple weeks could make your amateur photography hobby into a career if you play your cards right.

path with orange leaves during fall

One word: picturesque.

  • The Toronto Islands

At any time of year, the Islands is a beautiful place to visit.

  • The Don Valley

The subject of many a fall colours photo is the Don Valley area, especially at the Don Valley Brick Works, once again for the beautiful/creepy factor that the old industrial buildings bring to the area. Surrounded by large trees, plus with the multitude of expansive parks and trails in the valley area, there’s no shortage of gorgeous spots for photos, to hang out, or take a date.

  • Moore Park Ravine and Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Moore Park Ravine runs from the Don Valley Brick Works to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, and along the way, the Beltline Trail within it runs along what’s left of Mud Creek and through towering trees that are transformed into a golden canopy around this time of year. Bring your bike for a spectacular little ride.

  • Glen Stewart Ravine

The wooden boardwalks in Glen Stewart Ravine aren’t just practical; they also make for interesting details in fall photo shoots, plus offer up a great place for a stroll on a fall afternoon. The old trees in the ravine are tall and shed a kaleidoscope of leaves at this time of year.

  • The Necropolis Cemetery

Creepy at the best of times, cemeteries nonetheless serve up big doses of natural foliage, and the Necropolis is no exception. Bizarre headstones and the necropolis itself is as haunting as it is beautiful.

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